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Hi, my name is Karen Baker – Lambrechts. I am a Life Coach and Trainer for Nascent Ascent Coaching

Professionally I have worked in Education for over 20 years. I have a vast range of experience as a coach and mentor of children, teens, and adults. My roles have varied from a classroom teacher, teacher in charge, faculty leader, relief Deputy Principal and National Lead for a Postgraduate Certificate. A challenge for educators is to implement successful change that maximises the quality of teaching and learning aligned to the institution’s goals and visions. One of my focuses is therefore to use Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in an Educational Leadership context. Leaders are agentic teachers in charge of their own classroom, as well as middle and senior leaders within organisations.

Transforming Communication courses are the link between professional and personal life. I want to help others find their potential within, to help shift behavioural and attitudinal changes to create success. I love to facilitate and co-create this atmosphere in a safe environment where it is okay to talk openly. Being a certified Trainer Educator and an NLP Practitioner, means I am able to specialise in these communication skills when I offer workshops

I started to use Neuro Linguistic Programming for personal development. I discovered NLP and Time Line Therapy™ created real life changes for me. I knew I wanted to be in a relationship with someone who had similar values. Once I had reframed and aligned my outlook on life, opportunities that were previously hidden, suddenly became clear. It was then I realised how powerful these NLP and Time Line Therapy ™ techniques could be for others and how they could benefit from accessing these processes. I am now a certified life coach, wife and mother.

I offer face to face NLP coaching and workshops in New Zealand. My physical location is Whangarei, New Zealand, where I was born and raised. I also provide online services which are available both to domestic and international clients.

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