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Educational Leadership Coach and Mentor, Life Coach, Transforming Communication, Personal Development, NLP and Time Line Therapy™

What I Do

At Nascent Ascent Coaching the focus is on quality Educational Leadership Coaching, Life Coaching and Transforming Communication Workshops using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy™ techniques 


Achieve success through one-on-one coaching,  couples coaching / relationship coaching or Educational Leadership Coaching.

NLP and Time Line Therapy™

Use Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to achieve proven success based on modelling of others.


Transform communication with leading-edge professional and personal skills. Resolve conflict and replace it with cooperation and collaboration.

Need Advice?

Do you have further questions? Get them out of the way now. Seek advice with a free 15 minute consultation. Enable yourself to ‘feel right’ to make an informed decision.

My Story

I’m a wife, mother, sister, friend, educator and a life coach. I am a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and an Instructor of Transforming Communication courses and workshops (developed by Dr Richard Bolstad). My aim is to help you to change your life for the better, resolve conflict and build the life you imagine. 

Feeling overwhelmed? Change sits with people best when it is an ecological fit. On the one hand, change can be slow like the change of seasons. You can see the leaves on the mountains change colour, you understand in your gut that you have time to prepare. Yet on the other hand a tsunami or pandemic blindsides you, the wind is knocked out of your lungs and suddenly the ground seems shaky.

NLP and Time Line Therapy™ not only provide a firm foundation of tried and true processes to steady your way, they also help you deal with tricky situations in the moment as they happen, while you gain coping strategies for sustained change.

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